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Ordinary Sherpa: Family Adventure Coaching and Design

Aug 18, 2021

Everyday Adventure Challenge:

The Fall 60-day challenge is open.  In this everyday adventure challenge we create an adventure list to show up in your own life and connect as a family. I will show up each week to guide you with ideas tips and offer as much or as little accountability as you wish through the process.  In addition, the participants will have several virtual meet up opportunities to share learnings and work through challenges.   

The challenge will run from September 5- November 5. To Register:

To culminate the 037 Facing Fears Episode and the 038 Making Space with Jennifer Bried, this episode offers some tactics to be less reactive in life.  Heidi has used a daily practice called the 3 things- it's not an original practice, however she added the element of:
Want -tos
*Every once in a while sprinkle in a "scares you" 

We often talk about money and time, but this practice help to recognize and factor in our energy as a currency.  

- 3 things each day is a manageable number
- Limit the number of Have-tos.  Feeling depleted, check your list and see how many want tos are you actually tending to.  
- Helpful communication tool in partnerships to determine what and when 
- This is not a comprehensive to do list. 
- How does this feed into the weekly and even broader life list you aspire towards.

Tools and practices are helpful ways to "Be where your feet are" as Jennifer Bried eluded to in 038 | Making Space.