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Ordinary Sherpa: Family Adventure Coaching and Design

Nov 17, 2021

With the holidays upon us and the media fraught with stories of supply chain issues and retailers bursting with consumerism, I thought I'd bring this episode out a little sooner than planned to help you navigate the holidays and share some perspectives, tips and stories of gifting experiences. 

I also want pause and thank the many who reached out with kind words in celebrating our 1 year podcast birthday.  I even received a couple cups of coffee, which was splendid because I had a crafty weekend and woke up to snow on Sunday.  My kids were thrilled and scurried downstairs at 6:20 AM ready to go skiing in our backyard and were easily outside for several hours.  I on the other hand was inside being creative and hands down the one thing I reach for when being creative is a cup of warm flavored coffee.  I happen to have some Hawaii coffee left and it was the best moment of creative calm with inspiring aromas.  This cup was given by an anonymous buyer who shared:  “Love your outlook on life and adventure! I just started listening this year and now want an RV, hike the AT and who knows what else.”  Thank you to the someone who purchased it for me.  Can you see how that coffee led to an experience?  

Worth noting, I have found that I really enjoy podcasting and having conversation without all the ads and interruptions many podcasters use.  If you enjoy the ideas, find joy or inspiration from my work, you can buy me a coffee to say thanks and support the show.  If you want to go deeper with the content and/or get more engaged you can find additional ways to engage through the links below.  

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Designing Experiences
One of the most transformative learning I have experienced in my life is that when I really want to solve a problem I need to start with empathy and allow feelings to have priority.  This skill is really helpful when designing experiences.

1. Facilitating an Experience: Something to solve a problem or make the experience better.   

2. The gift provides an experience: A memory making connection

3. The ingredients of an experience

4. The gift is part of an experience: the process of opening the gift is even part of the experience.  

5. Reflection of an experience.

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