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Ordinary Sherpa: Family Adventure Coaching and Design

Oct 12, 2022

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Our guest today firmly believes what lights you up AKA your Stoke, shouldn’t stop when you have kids.  With the goal of helping families adventure more and stress less she and her husband created The Stoke Fam.  Through their practical advice, actionable tips, and stories that resonate they empower families to get out and explore together while building stronger relationships with their children & teens. I have chuckled at the mishaps and appreciated her humility as she keeps adventure real with kids.  Tiffany, welcome to Ordinary Sherpa. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Adventurous Mom is a title that you can grow into and evolve with your family.  While Tiffany had adventure experiences as a kid, much of her adventure spirit has been nurtured since having kids. 
  2. Investing in ski lessons from someone other than your significant other is usually cheaper than therapy in the long run.  Your relationship might thank you for this insight.   
  3. While you can and should adventure with whatever you have, investing in a few key pieces of gear was a game changer for Tiffany.  Learning how to layer and find some key items to keep her warm and dry while adventuring made the experience much more desirable.  
  4. Find your Stoke is to find that thing that lights you up.  What is the spark or what brings you joy.  
  5. As kids age their attitudes, opinions and personality shine through.  Recognizing each individual has wants and needs and making sure to consider everyone's desires in the process is critical for teens and tweens overall engagement.  
  6. Allow your kids to have an opinion both in the planning and timeline for family adventures.  We want to empower kids to speak up and share their limitations and have a voice in the decision making.  If we do this well they become invested in the overall experience.  Opting out might be a choice to consider.  
  7. “Be a welcome mat to family adventure”  Most of the adventures we see others doing, didn’t start at the epic summit.  We work up to those.  Be careful not to compare your start to someone else’s summit.  
  8. The Outdoor Resource Guide and Start Here sections of the Stoke Family blog are great starting points to consider things that trip us up in adventure.  The goal is to make it easy so you can spend less time researching and more time adventuring.  


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Outdoor Resource Guide:
Start-Here section of the Blog: