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Ordinary Sherpa: Family Adventure Coaching and Design

Jan 4, 2023

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Harvest Hosts is offering a 30% off sale until January 6th if you use my link: you must use my link and Code FRIEND30 at checkout.  Harvest Hosts membership offers over 4,000 spots to park your RV or enclosed camper at breweries, wineries, farms, even museums across North America.  They also include Boondockers Welcome which are Hosts who offer a free place to park your RV on private residents while road tripping.  If you are not listening to this in real time when it publishes on January 4th, then you can still use my link for 15% off starting January 7th.  This is an affiliate link as I have been working with Harvest Hosts to offer you better deals, especially since many of you have an interest in a potential first time Family RV trip in your travel plans.

Ski Moms Fun Podcast: a podcast I have been enjoying that helps support moms who ski.  Nicole was a guest on my podcast on episode 059 in practicing the Sherpa Philosophy we agreed to cross-promote each others shows since our audiences have similar interests. I really appreciate what Nicole has been doing and if you like this type of cross-promotion let me know I’ll explore more content creation promotion. 

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My Book: Beyond Normal a Field Guide to Embrace Adventure, Explore the Wilderness and Design an Extraordinary Life with Kids