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Ordinary Sherpa: Family Adventure Coaching and Design

Mar 16, 2023

Today's episode is a little different from a typical interview.  Our guest today is a member of our Family Travel Hackers (Link) membership where we help families travel more for less.  The Family Travel Hackers Membership is a way to support families who want to explore travel rewards but are overwhelmed.  As one of my guests described travel rewards “the learning curve is steep but once you get that first free trip you’re hooked.”  The Family Travel Hackers membership also dives deeper into how to travel authentic travel experiences.  While I don’t think you HAVE to travel to experience the benefits of adventure, it is a huge value in many family’s values so I wanted to create a space to support that desire.  This episode offers insight into the membership and how we source and curate topics and guests to support what the members' needs are. In this session, we elevated a member of the group to share her planning and travel rewards strategy.  What makes this episode extra special for me is that Rachel is a long-time listener to Ordinary Sherpa and one of the biggest supporters of the show.  From the beginning I wanted this podcast to feature the best of everyday ordinary families.  While I certainly can feature experts, I wanted it to be extremely relevant to everyday working families.  Rachel doesn’t have a platform or a personal brand.  She is just a traveling family guru with a passion for travel rewards and willing to help others, a prime example of the sherpa philosophy of this community.  

I invite you to join Rachel, I and the other families interested in traveling more for less.  As a bonus, yesterday was my 43rd birthday and I have decided for the remainder of 2023 I am going to offer a $43 discount on the annual membership.  If you head to the link in the show notes and at checkout use the code:HAPPY43 If you join before next week Tuesday (3/22/23) you will get to participate in “Tips for Cruising” with my friend Josh Overmyer.  We’ve had topics on Rewarding Experiences, and have upcoming sessions to deep dive into Travel Tech, Working while Traveling, and Hacking Hawaii. The one thing that makes this community unique is that I am not an affiliate for any of the credit cards.  We encourage sharing and using referral links within the community so you can earn more miles and support others in the community.  

Show Notes for this episode:
Join Family Travel Hackers Membership
to help families travel more for less.
Use Coupon Code: HAPPY43 for $43 off your annual membership at checkout. 

Thanks to her parents, Rachel caught the travel bug when she was 14, and she’s never recovered. Despite assumptions to the contrary, having kids didn’t slow her down. Now she, her husband, and two boys travel as much and as often as possible. Some of their favorite points redemptions for their family include trips to England, Portugal, and Spain, and this year points are helping them travel to Whitefish, Montana; Curaçao; and Hawaii. Rachel West, a fellow member of Family Travel Hackers Membership is here today to share her tips and strategies for family travel hacking with kids. 

Resources referenced in the episode
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Family Travel Hackers Membership:
Connect with Rachel West: Member of Ordinary Sherpa Facebook Group