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Ordinary Sherpa: Family Adventure Coaching and Design

Sep 27, 2023

As you heard in the last episode we are 9m into our family gap year.  This recording comes days after meeting up with a previous Ordinary Sherpa guest from episode 109| Living your Childhood Dreams.   and continually grateful for the stories and connections that have helped us in taking steps and moving forward on this journey.  We love meeting up with friends and strangers and the best platform to do that is through Boondockers Welcome, a part of the Harvest Host family.  We’ve had over 20+ stays through this platform this year and are always intrigued by the connections and unique stories and generous people we meet.  If you are interested in RVing I highly encourage considering a membership or becoming a host.  If you use my link in the show notes: to do so you’ll not only receive a discount but support Ordinary Sherpa in the process.  

Our guest and I met in a natural hot spring in Stanley Idaho.  We were experimenting with the idea of a gap year traveling in an RV with 3 kids on a 34 day sabbatical to test our current gap year potential.  Carissa (and her husband Chuck) were already traveling full-time in their 25' RV with their two kids and dog. They spent the past few years becoming debt free, minimizing their belongings, working hard, playing harder, and homeschooling their kids. In 2020 they sold their  house and hit the road to travel around America so they could focus on spending more time together, living a healthy lifestyle.  

Meeting people ahead of you on the journey offers adventure sparks sometimes igniting new ideas or experiences.   From that interaction we began following each other on social media.  Our kids bonded over Harry Potter stories and through their daughter's suggestion my daughter has since begun the Percy Jackson series and her interest in Greek Mythology.  It was even one of their taco recipes that sparked us trying tajun seasoning which is now a must have for so many of our meals.  (If you aren’t familiar, Tajun is a chili lime seasoning that is not spicy).  Through their examples of  prioritizing self-care, clean eating, and fitness to maximize this time in their lives, they inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle and embark on their own adventures.  Carissa from Feed Us Adventures, Welcome to Ordinary Sherpa.  

We’ll have a conversation and share a bit of your backstory, what intrigued you to the RV lifestyle, what’s important to you. How do you do this life with kids. I’d like to talk about your focus on health and well-being and stead the conversation towards any action you’d like the audience to take. 

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