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Ordinary Sherpa: Family Adventure Coaching and Design

Jan 27, 2021

Welcome to Ordinary Sherpa, I’m your host Heidi Dusek.  Today’s episode will dive deep into one family’s journey to enjoy life on the road.

Before I get there I want to welcome everyone to Ordinary Sherpa.  We have seen a large influx of new listeners over the past week, thanks to the Choose FI team. Ordinary Sherpa is designed to inspire families to connect through simple and authentic adventure experiences.  You can learn more about my adventure story (episode 1) and why adventure (episode 2), but the short version is this, the only way our family survived 2020 was through simple, unplugged, outdoor experiences together as a family.  We didn’t just survive, we began to thrive.  I dove deep into the research which validated what I have felt for so long.  So my mission is to help families realize, there are options.  My husband and I both work full-time and raise 3 kids and a dog.  I am with you on this journey towards freedom, adventure, and fresh air.  As are so many others (we call our listeners Sherpas) who are here to support you reaching your new summit, what ever that looks like to you.  

I also want to take a moment of gratitude and acknowledge the Choose FI podcast and community.  Choose FI had such an impact on the development and launch of the Ordinary Sherpa podcast, so if you are not familiar go check them out:   If you are joining us from that community, welcome. You are among friends. 

While 2020 restricted our travel, Ordinary Sherpa has been getting around.  Ordinary Sherpa has been listened to in 26 countries and 44 states.  I had a goal to hit all 50 states in my first 90 days and we are so close.   If you know someone who might be interested who is located in Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Maine, Vermont and I am hoping with our guests today we will fulfill Mississippi.  

Brittany and Cody Holifield are the parents of 2 boys (Barrett, Corbin) and Sonic the dog are the family behind Hitch-to-Hitch.  They were looking for a change and as you will hear they didn’t follow a conventional path.  They gave up the 10 acre farm and ideal American lifestyle to enjoy a life of adventure while living full time in their fifth wheel.  They sold everything 2 years ago and haven’t looked back.  I binged on their YouTube channel leading up to and following our interview.  Even if a full time RV lifestyle is not for you, they are such authentic people who share so many insights.  I hope you are able to hear their mindset, how they allow for adventure to show up in their life on a regular basis.  


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Key Takeaways

  1. Time together is short, are you making the best of it?
  2. Are you worried about doing things in the right order?  Whether your timeline is 6 months or 5 years, there are options for both.  
  3. Is the ideal lifestyle weaning you out?  What might the alternative be?  Brittany shared taking care of the kids, the house, the farm, while teaching full time was wearing her out.  
  4. Test the path.  Cody initially wanted to sail around the U.S., but after a rough 5-day experience they realized that probably wasn’t the right path for them.  
  5. You don’t have to have everything figured out.  “I’m in it for the ride,” Brittany exclaimed.  
  6. Transition for the kids continues to evolve, from the social scene to freedom and independence.  They try to choose locations that are family-friendly when possible to support social interaction.
  7. Boondocking or Dry camping is camping without hook ups (water, Electricity, sewer) builds awareness to your power and water consumption.  
  8. Start with the end in mind.  Create the menu of options with enough flexibility to align with everyone's wishes and back up plans for bad weather or just off days.  
  9. Peak experiences and mishaps are part of the journey.  You can’t plan for everything.  Embrace the opportunity.
  10. Some of the resources referenced on the show:
    -Location-based Facebook searches (not groups such as Ordinary Sherpa are good starting points)
    -RV Parky App:

Follow or Connect with Cody & Brittany from Hitch-to-Hitch through any of the channels listed.