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Ordinary Sherpa: Family Adventure Coaching and Design

Nov 11, 2020

Walk through research and experiences that highlight the benefits of adventure.  Heidi will also unpack why Ordinary Sherpa chose adventure as our platform to inspire families to connect.  Additional resources cited in the episode are referenced at

Episode Notes:

Health & well-being

    1. Mind/Mental Health
    2. Sense of Purpose
    3. body/physical health

Risk & resiliency

  1. Parenting/Child Development
    1. Education and learning Frameworks
    2. Last Child in the Woods: Richard Louv
    3. How comfortable are parents with risk? balance with safety
    4. Accomplish Risk=Confidence booster
    5. unplanned scenarios- experience in the moment
  2. Mindset:
    1. keep adventure simple
    2. journey vs. destination
    3. UK Study: Kids Need Adventure  Data on kids and parents desire to experience more adventure
    4. Edge of the Map (Book) "Sport of climbing is misunderstood...they don't have a death wish, but a wish to live in a way that few understand."  "It's a type of alive- not like a party, but like being one with the world. It's being in tune." -Johanna Garton (quoting Christine Boskoff)


  1. most authentic person, alone in the woods experience (reference to OnBeing podcast with Mary Oliver: the trees were her people)
  2. Stillness
  3. Challenges experienced along the way
  4. Moment that breeds confidence, power
  5. Experience hard things together
  6. Shared experience builds trust and common will