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Ordinary Sherpa: Family Adventure Coaching and Design

May 5, 2021

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Today’s guests are two fellow Wisconsinites, who met while working in Belize for school and have continued to seek travel adventures ever since. They are keen, active and budget travelers, food lovers and suckers for a great view. They use traveling to meet new people, broaden their views, and experience new cultures. Over the past 7 years, while both working full-time and maintaining a budget, they have traveled to 20 countries, 80 plus cities and 18 National Parks. They started the Travel Blog, Always Have a Trip Planned, to share their experiences and tips. Expecting their first child in August, they plan to continue their active adventures while starting a family. Natalie and Sam welcome to Ordinary Sherpa

To Connect with Natalie and Sam

Key Takeaways

  1. Make space in your plans to allow for an opportunity or unique experience to show up.
  2. Sometimes the most unglamorous places create the most authentic experiences.  Food is a universal language and sharing an experience over food is sometimes more meaningful than speaking with others in their native language.  
  3. Connecting with strangers to reach the summit is part of the adventure experience.  Don’t feel like you have to do go after this on your own. 
  4. Your travel life is NOT over when you have a baby.  Come to the Ordinary Sherpa Facebook Group   offer tips for adventure and travel tips with kids.  
  5. Pictures of the details of a location can take you back to the experience years later.  While it’s great to have pictures of you and your family, and landscapes sometimes unique details can bring back the most vivid memories of that experience.
  6. Some of the most challenging experiences lead to the best memories.  The joy outweighs the pain of the experience.