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Ordinary Sherpa: Family Adventure Coaching and Design

Jun 29, 2022

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Liz is celebrating her Year of Being 50 by walking – around her neighborhood, across Spain, and in half marathons with family and friends. Professionally, she is seizing this moment to build a business that inspires and supports women and girls to have healthy, whole relationships with their menstrual cycles. And she and her husband are raising a daughter, who is 11 and stretching toward independence. They are a tight knit family who love travel, outdoorsy adventures, and good food. They live in Seattle with their big dog.

Key Takeaways

  1. I wanted a better answer than busy.   When she chose to leave her job, she no longer had the excuse not to join her mother-in-law on the Camino the first time.  
  2. The first experience was a spark.  Not only did she come home feeling lighter, but also a burning desire to determine “When can I go back?”
  3. You do not need to seek permission to explore your dreams. 
  4. When it was clear the wish of doing the Camino as a family was not going to happen, Liz’ husband encouraged her to do it on her own.  As he stated “I am a whole human-being and I am capable of caring for a child.”  Sometimes as a mom we feel guilt in leaving.  Remember by staying you are depriving dad and child from creating meaningful experiences and adventures together.  
  5. With the diagnosis of spina bifida she sailed through her twenties with a goal to be walking at 60.  As she got older she realized that wasn’t a good goal and wanted to do more than be walking, however walking now is symbolic of movement and progress. She anchors to feeling healthy, which sometimes requires asking for what she wants.  Simply saying “I choose me!”
  6. At its core, 43 days of walking the Camino was a daily practice in meditative walking and conversations with yourself.  
  7. Walking alone on the camino required her to practice a brave moment everyday
  8. During both of her caminos there have been reflective moments that have clarified her next line of work.  She recognized her own journey and wanted to empower women and girls to not feel shame over a normal aspect of their everyday life.  
  9. Having brave conversations shortcuts to meaningful connection.  In her most recent Camino she bravely shared her line of work which led to many women sharing vulnerable stories.  
  10. While the Camino was her way of proving to herself she can do hard things, she also reminds all of us that “we all walk our own Camino”  

I love that Liz went after an intention and dream after years of it being on the dream list.  Beyond the romance and allure of an adventure like the Camino is also the realness and confidence that is gained in doing hard things.  I also believe Liz’s Story exemplifies that we get out of the transactional nature of life and and work we use a different part of our brain that has ultimately given Liz clarity on starting her business. She continues to use lessons in walking to make progress.  

What is on your dream list?  If you are hearing this and don’t have a dream list I encourage you to just sit down some morning or evening and write the dream list.  What is it that you want to experience in life? how do you want to feel, what do you want to remember?  If you’re looking at your dream list year after year and not feeling like you are making progress, you might appreciate In the Arena Community.  It’s a paid community to challenge you, support you and help tackle the things holding you back from your family adventure dreams.  We are winding down the beta-group.  There is currently a waitlist for the summer with the formal Community launching in September.  To join the community head to 

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