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Ordinary Sherpa: Family Adventure Coaching and Design

Oct 12, 2023

Periodically during our family gap year life in the RV, we have moments when we start to feel like we are missing the comforts of home.  When people ask what we miss from home the kids often - having a bedroom door (instead of a privacy black out curtain), a dishwasher, hot showers that don’t require us to turn on the hot water heater nor having to listen to the groan of the water pump.  Much like the novelty of travel, simple indulgences take us out of our daily routine and can offer a refresh.  In this episode I want to lean into how we might experimenting with indulgences without feeling the slip of lifestyle creep or justifying expenses that don’t align with your values.  

Before we get into this episode, I want to thank one of our sponsors, Elakai Outdoors is a company to help people live their  best life outdoors with high quality and beautifully designed yard games.   One of our favorite outdoor yard games is Kubb, a simple Scandinavian and family friendly game which I like to describe as a cross between chess and bean bag toss.  If you haven’t played, no worries each game includes a QR code to download the instructions for off-grid play.  The outdoor games from Elakai Outdoor  are built to last a lifetime, not just a single season. My husband awed at their custom crafted from premium wood and accompanied with a compact travel bag, you can see a short clip of us playing if you head to the show notes.  It was an indulgent accessory that was perfect for campgrounds or a friends backyard,  it’s a timeless addition to your outdoor adventures, bringing joy wherever it travels. You can check out Kubb and other stunning outdoor games by clicking on the link in the show notes.  Use code ORDINARYSHERPA10 for 10% off. Add a little indulgence to your outdoor play with Elakai Outdoor.

Show Notes for this episode:
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